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Archive for September, 2012

Free Online Learning for Children and Adults at Khan Academy

I’ve heard about the Khan Academy before, but I never went to check it out until just recently. I was listening to Salman Khan’s TED Talk, Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education, and really enjoyed the idea that he was sharing. Although it seems as though the focus is on teaching kids, adults will find […]

Continuous Learning – Take University Classes for Free

In Daphne Koller’s Ted Talk, What we’re learning from online education, she talks about Coursera, a program that gives people the opportunity to take online university classes for free. The universities that are involved in Coursera are using it as a method to study online education. The courses that are available aren’t eligible for college […]

TED Talk – Try Something New For 30 Days

In my last post I wrote about my new addiction; It’s been such a treat and I’ve enjoyed having it on my drive to and from work. This will be one of many… many… posts on some of my favorite TED talks. In this TED Talk Matt Cutts shares with us the great idea […]