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Lifestyle Business Podcasts for Continuous Learning

As I go through my continuous learning and my “personal” Masters in Lifestyle Business I’ve discovered the awesomeness of Podcasts. Podcasts are one of those things that have been around a long time. It’s not like I didn’t know they were there. I just didn’t realize how much value I could get from them. If […]

Create A Not to Do List – Idea from “Good To Great”

One of the audio books I just finished reading is “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins. The main focus of the book is on looking at companies that were able to go from good to great , and what it was about those companies that helped […]

The Magic of Thinking Big – Confidence

Much of our decisions to take action and do something to achieve our goals is based on the confidence we feel about whether we’ll even succeed. In our path of continuous improvement and work towards achieving the goals we set for ourselves we’ll want to do everything we can to improve our confidence. Confidence isn’t […]

Magic of Thinking Big – Part 1

The latest audio program I’m listening to in my university on wheels is Dr. David J. Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big. In the first part of this program he covers: The importance of not selling yourself short. Being aware of the words we use. Focusing on what can be, not what is. Practice adding […]

Learning Out Loud – A Great Resource for Audio Books

Part of our work on continuous improvement in our lives is finding those resources that are going to aid us in that endeavor. As I was looking for more audio programs to listen to on my commute to and from work I came across I was immediately impressed and I now visit Learning Out […]

University On Wheels

Make Your Car a University On Wheels!! One of the things I remember from one of the Brian Tracy programs I listened to was his suggestion of making your car a university on wheels.  For those that have a long commute this is an excellent idea and I highly recommend using your time on your […]