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Masters in Lifestyle Business – 2nd Month Update

On July 2nd, 2014 I wrote a blog post titled “My Personal Masters in Lifestyle Business Program” where I share this crazy idea I had to go out and learn what it takes to start and succeed with a Lifestyle Business. Then, back on August 9th, 2014 I wrote a post giving everyone an update […]

TED Talk – Mel Robbins on How to Stop Screwing Yourself

  GETTING WHAT YOU WANT IS… Simple. (but, not easy) It takes FORCE! Here’s the deal. In this day and age, we have plenty of resources available to get what we want. You can do the traditional thing of going to a bookstore and you’ll be able to find more books than you can shake […]

Lifestyle Business Podcasts for Continuous Learning

As I go through my continuous learning and my “personal” Masters in Lifestyle Business I’ve discovered the awesomeness of Podcasts. Podcasts are one of those things that have been around a long time. It’s not like I didn’t know they were there. I just didn’t realize how much value I could get from them. If […]

Masters in Lifestyle Business – 1st Month Update

Back… WAY Back… on July 5th, 2014 I wrote a blog post about my personal Masters in Lifestyle Business Program. I say way back, because it seems like time has just flown by. It’s now August 4th, 2014, and I’m in the middle of the 6th week of my Masters in Lifestyle Business program. For […]

Udemy Growth Hacking Lecture with Eric Siu

Lecture 11: Startup Blog for Growth with Eric Siu from Bronson Taylor’s Growth Hacking course on

My Personal Masters in Lifestyle Business Program

Recently I came up with a crazy idea, or maybe not so crazy idea, to create my own “personal” masters program in Lifestyle Business. Yep, I’m going to have a Masters in Lifestyle Business. Read on to see how I pulled this out of my ass… During the last couple of months I’ve been going […]

Free Online Learning for Children and Adults at Khan Academy

I’ve heard about the Khan Academy before, but I never went to check it out until just recently. I was listening to Salman Khan’s TED Talk, Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education, and really enjoyed the idea that he was sharing. Although it seems as though the focus is on teaching kids, adults will find […]

Continuous Learning – Take University Classes for Free

In Daphne Koller’s Ted Talk, What we’re learning from online education, she talks about Coursera, a program that gives people the opportunity to take online university classes for free. The universities that are involved in Coursera are using it as a method to study online education. The courses that are available aren’t eligible for college […]