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How to Create a Daily Expense Record in Microsoft Excel 2007

In this video I go through the steps to create a daily expense record in Microsoft Excel 2007. This is a follow up on the video I posted on using this exact same Daily Expense Record to stay on budget and to make it much easier to do your taxes at the end of the […]

Staying on Budget With a Daily Expense Record

In this video I go over a Daily Expense Record that I created in Microsoft Excel 2007 so that I can work on some continuous improvement in my finances. This expense record will allow me to monitor my finances on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Another great feature of this tool is that I’ll […]

My Financial Peace Experience – The Second Class

Achieving Financial Independence The Dave Ramsey Way My Financial Peace Experience – The Second Class It’s a week later. Technically, it’s been longer than that, because I’ve already fallen behind on the time between when I’m actually in the class and the time I write the blog post, but let’s make believe that’s it’s a […]

My Financial Peace Experience – The First Class

Achieving Financial Independence The Dave Ramsey Way Getting to the point where we are financially independent isn’t only about having a high paying job or bringing in tons of money. That certainly helps achieve that goal, however there are other actions that we can take that will also help us on the way; complimentary actions. […]

Don’t Forget – Know When To Sell

I’ve mentioned before that a very important aspect of investing and making money in the stock market is knowing when to sell. Again, the common saying is buy low – sell high. Right? Yet, how many of us have also been taught to invest in the stock market on a regularly basis and hold our […]

Investing 101 – The Stock Market Doesn’t Always Go Up

In my last post I introduced a new series or chapter to Continuously Improving You. I discussed the importance of becoming financially literate and learning everything we can about earning money no matter what happens to be going on in the world. Specifically, to learn how to earn money no matter what the stock market […]

Time to Work on the Financial Education

One aspect of our personal and professional development that I haven’t posted much on is in the financial areas of our lives. I imagine part of the reason for that is because it’s one of my weakest areas. I’ve read plenty of books on personal finance and some of those books have been huge in […]