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Time Management and Goal Achievement

When we were young kids it seemed like our sense of time just crawled along at a snail’s pace. This was great around summer time when we were out of school, but was a bit frustrating during the school year when we were anxiously awaiting the coming of summer. Somewhere along the line of our […]

Harvard Business School and Yale Studies Hogwash

I can’t say for sure where I first read about the Harvard Business School study that was done with one of the graduating classes where they followed up with them 20 years later and discovered that 95% of those graduates who wrote their goals down after graduating achieved their goals. And for those graduates that […]

Working Your Goal

In my post on the Goal Writing Blue Print I outlined the steps that a person needs to take in setting and achieving a goal. The 5th step of the Goal Writing Blue Print is to “Plan”. Part of the plan in achieving a major goal is to break the goal down into smaller goals […]

The Goal Setting Blue Print

The Goal Setting Blue Print A personal and professional development resource, a resource on continuously improving you, wouldn’t be complete without a thorough section on Goal Setting. Although, most of the experts will encourage you not to re-invent the wheel when you set out to do something I typically prefer to not stick to what […]

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