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Continuously Learning with the TED Android App

Great for Your Education on Wheels I just recently started watching and listening to again. I came across the TED Android App somewhere on the web, and one of the thoughts I immediately had was what a great idea for something to listen to on my daily commute to and from work. I snatched […]

Carrie Wilkerson’s Barefoot Executive – A Key to Your Success

Two of the most beneficial activities you can do in your process of continuous personal improvement is to feed yourself positive messages on a daily basis, and surround yourself with people who are successful. Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, clearly falls into the category of successful people. She’s created a wonderful way for you to […]

Positive Affirmations from The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

In my last post I went over Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity,” and I wanted to do a follow up on that post. It’s been close to a month since I created that post and believe it or not I’m still listening to this audio program. It’s that good. I just go through […]

Catherine Ponder’s Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

I’ve been listening to Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” for the past week or so, and I’ve got say it’s just AWESOME.  A great deal of this book is on positive affirmations focused on prosperity, health, and happiness. This is a work that contains affirmations on steroids.  Although I wasn’t sure if it […]

Great Resource on Success by Frank Kern

I just watched a great video that Frank Kern shared on his website and  I read over some awesome success stories that people have shared on his site. If you haven’t ever heard of Frank Kern, spend some time watching this video and check out some of his other sites. What you’ll soon find […]

Using Motion to Control Emotion

  The Magic of Thinking Big – Using Motions to Control Emotions In The Magic of Thinking Big Dr. David Schwartz has a section where he discusses how to use motion to control emotion. This is something we are all aware of at some level, but many of us don’t use this to our advantage. […]