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Catherine Ponder’s Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

The Laws of ProsperityI’ve been listening to Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” for the past week or so, and I’ve got say it’s just AWESOME.  A great deal of this book is on positive affirmations focused on prosperity, health, and happiness. This is a work that contains affirmations on steroids.  Although I wasn’t sure if it would be my thing it’s one of the best programs I’ve listened to since I started my university on wheels a few months ago. I highly recommend it!

Much of what determines our success in life and our journey of Continuous Personal Development are our thoughts and focus. One of the most powerful ways to keep our thoughts and focus on the correct path, that of prosperity, health and happiness, is to use affirmations. This may sound “hokey”, but we really are using affirmations everyday in our lives whether we know it or not. Many times the affirmations we use are not helping us to succeed. Thoughts and affirmations such as “I just can’t do this,” or “I’m lousy at this” are examples.  Take control now of your absentminded, negative affirmations you use on a daily basis and begin taking a mindful approach to your life by using positive and empowering affirmations.

Some of the affirmations I’ve gotten from this audio book that I’m now using on a daily basis are:

Every day in every way I’m getting richer and richer… I’ve also created another version of this that I use as well…

Every day in every way I’m getting more and more prosperous.

Every day in every way I’m becoming healthier and healthier.

Every day in every way I’m becoming more and more positive.

I desire the highest and best in life and I now attract the highest and best to me.

I incorporate these affirmations with my other affirmations I’ve been using that are related to my goals… I’m happily earning $100,000 or more per year working from home by providing quality products and quality content online.

The Dynamic  Laws of Prosperity is full of tons more affirmations.  Do yourself a favor and go by this book or audio program.

Listen to it or read it and play with it.

Use what it says for a few weeks or a month and see how much of a difference it will make.

What do you have to lose? A few weeks or a month out of your life trying something that could end up making a huge difference in your life?

What do you have to gain? How about a very valuable tool in your journey to create the best life that you can possibly have.

Check it out on Amazon. It has a “Look Inside” option so you can see just how incredible it is – The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity on Amazon.

Or, listen to a sample on to get an idea of how valuable it can be for you – The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity at Learn Out Loud.

Now Go Be Successful In All Areas of Your Life!!

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