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Create a Dream Book for Your Goals

Stack of MoneyOne of the processes that is recommended by many people when working towards your goals is to use visualization on a daily basis to visualize already achieving your goals.  Along that same line of thought it is suggested that you develop visual aids that you can look at daily. A dream book is something you can use to aid in your visualization of your goals and keep you focused and motivated as you work towards them.

It can be a fun, ongoing project that can even get the excitement turned on while you are creating it. You simply start collecting photos and captions related to the goals you want to achieve and put them into a 3-ring binder. You then look at that notebook with all of the photos and captions each night before you go to bed.

For instance, I state in the “My Journey” section that I have a goal to be earning $100,000/year working from home by September 1, 2011.  For my goal book I’ve gone and found a picture online of someone sharing their google adsense check. I pulled that photo into photoshop, edited out everything but the check, and I photoshopped the check so that it looks like it’s a check made out to me for $105,993.69. I decided to make it more than my $100,000 goal because the daily affirmations I use state “I’m happily earning $100,000 or more per year working from home!” The “Or More” part is something that Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principles, suggests you do when you are using affirmations. That way you aren’t limiting yourself to that specific amount or that specific goal. In other words, it’s ok if you exceed your goal.  I’ve got this Google Adsense check that I created made out to me, with all of my information, for the amount I want to be earning, all blown up to a full 8/12 x 11 inch landscape, and it’s in my dream book.

I’ve also gone and pulled up my last year’s tax return and I’ve edited it in Adobe Acrobat so that it looks like my future tax return for 2011. I’ve got my income set for the $105,994 to reflect the amount on my google check. This mock up of my 2011 tax return is now in my goal book as well. I’m currently working on doing the same thing on my monthly bank statement where I’m photoshopping the monthly statement and entering dollar amounts that I’d like to see in it on a monthly basis. I’m even going to so far as inserting “extra” fun stuff for like future car payments that I’ll be making when I get to the point where I want to use my extra income to purchase a nicer car. Each night before bed I go and I look at my goal book and all of the pictures I’ve gathered that reflect my already achieving this goal.

You’ll want to go through old magazines and cut out pictures that our representations of the goals you are working towards. Cut out a picture of that BMW you would like to have and put it in your goal book. Maybe there’s a picture of a woman who is in shape and has the “body” you are working towards in one of your fitness goals.  Even better, find a picture online and photoshop the picture so it has your face on it. It may sound corny, but when you look at this picture with your face on it you are telling you subconscious mind that it is you and that you have already achieved that goal. REMEMBER though, this is only one step in the complete process of working towards your goals. The key word there is “working”. You still have to go out and do the work to make your goals a realization. Have fun with this and use this as yet another activity to keep you motivated on your journey towards your goals.

Go be Successful in All Areas of Your Life!!

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