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Free Online Learning for Children and Adults at Khan Academy

I’ve heard about the Khan Academy before, but I never went to check it out until just recently. I was listening to Salman Khan’s TED Talk, Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education, and really enjoyed the idea that he was sharing. Although it seems as though the focus is on teaching kids, adults will find plenty on the site that they can use for their continuous learning.



I just now went to the website to check it out and it does look like they have some courses that I’m going to take in Finance and Computer Science.

For teachers, there is some research going on right now where schools are using the video lessons on the Khan Academy website to replace the “teaching” part of teaching. The students go home to watch the lessons, then they come to school where they can get help on their “homework” from the teachers and other students. The benefit of watching the lessons at home is the opportunity to pause and rewind and to soak in the lessons without having the pressure to understand it all on the first go through. Here’s a great place to go to read up on this project from the viewpoint of members of the Los Altos School District –



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