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Getting Out of Being Down

I’ve been struggling quite a bit lately with being down, for lack of a better term. It’s not that I’m depressed or anything like that. I think I’m typically a fairly happy and satisfied person most of the time; a great deal of the time in fact. That is probably a huge part of the problem of my “being down”. What I mean by being down is that I’m having a difficult time being motivated to get out and do what needs to be done to meet my immediate financial goals of simply living day to day. I am too comfortable and perfectly happy being at home, working on my blogs, and focusing on my personal and professional development. The problem is, at this point, the blogs are not bringing in enough income to live off of, and sitting around studying various personal and professional development topics isn’t going to bring the money in. It’s getting to a point where I have to get motivated and move out of my comfort zone to get myself “Up” in such a way that I get out and do what I need to do so I can pay the bills.

First question you might be asking is why the heck am I even in this situation?

Good question!!

My wife and I decided to make a rather major life changing decision and we pulled up roots in our native California and moved to the Great North West to be closer to my extended family. There were a number of reasons that helped us make this decision, and the decision was made because we truly believe we’re going to be much happier than we were living in Southern California with the high real estate prices, super busy traffic, long, hour and half (one way) commutes, and the crazy crowds. I felt like I was going to lose my mind if I stayed much longer. For example, on one of my hour and half commutes to work one morning I was getting, let’s say, “extremely frustrated” with all of the people who can’t seem to figure out when you go up a hill on the freeway that you want to press down harder on the accelerator in order to keep your current speed. I don’t know if it’s a Southern California thing where most people are just dumb shits when it comes to driving, but there is really no reason whatsoever for the flow of traffic to go from 70+ miles per hour to 30 miles per hour in the blink of an eye simply because there is a hill. On this particular morning, which really wasn’t any different than any other day as far as the dumb shits and traffic on the road, my frustration got the better of me and I started screaming at everyone…

“You DUMB SHIT, get off the “insert profanity” road if you don’t know how to drive. Just stay home if you are too stupid to figure out how to keep your speed constant when you go up a hill.”

I was directing my verbal assault on everyone and everything in site as if they would hear me if I just yelled loud enough.

Later, when I was relaying this experience to a good friend of mine he just laughed and said “Man, you should be in alcoholics anonymous. You sound just like an alcoholic only in your case without the alcohol.” It really doesn’t surprise me since I could see many people being “driven” to drink (pun intended) after dealing with all of the clueless drivers on the roads of Southern California. As a side thought, that would be an interesting study; how big is the membership in Alcoholics Anonymous in places such as Southern California where the traffic is miserable and the people are stupid. (Sorry if you live in Southern California. I feel I can say this since I’m a native Southern Californian)

So here I am. I’ve quit my secure job in Southern California where I worked for a great company and the best boss I’ve ever had and I’ve moved to the Northwest. I’ve escaped the dead, brown, desert and I now call my home a place where everything is green, full of life and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I go outside and take in the beauty around me. I keep wondering if I’ll ever get used to and take for granted how pretty it is where I now live. I’ve mentioned this to my family, who were a lot smarter than I am and made the move up here over 20 years go,  and they tell me after 20 years they still appreciate how pretty it is.

There’s just one small issue I’m having now that I’ve made the move and live up in this gorgeous place, feeling perfectly happy and content (for the most part) sitting at home, working on my blogs, doing some free-lance work on websites for a non-profit, and hanging out with my 2 dogs.

It’s just a small issue…

I need to get a job and bring in some income so that I can simply take care of my basic day to day necessities. The challenge, as I’ve been hinting at throughout this blog, is I’m having a difficult time getting motivated to take action. I mentioned to my wife that I’m feeling down, and I think she probably thought that I was getting depressed. She suggested I pull out my personal and professional audio programs and start listening to them. She’s kind of smart like that.

It really doesn’t matter if I’m feeling down depressed, or feeling down unmotivated, listening to a good personal and professional development audio program can make a difference with either state. In my attempt to not be too stubborn I’m taking my wonderful wife’s suggestion and I’ve gone and grabbed one of Brian Tracy’s audio progams. As a matter of fact, I’m typing this blog post right now as I listen to Brian Tracy’s “The Luck Factor”.

Granted, simply working on my blog isn’t going to magically start bringing in enough income for me to immediately realize my goal of working at home, and it’s not going to magically get me the job I need to bring in the income I need right now so that I can pay my daily bills.  Still, it’s got me more motivated to take some action and get focused.

On some of my blogs it’s difficult for me to post on a consistent basis, because I don’t seem to have the inspiration to write something. It’s safe to say I’m feeling “inspired” right now and wanted to do some writing before I switch gears and focus on the “J O B” stuff. For reals, I’m going to take action today and work on getting a job. I promise!! In the meantime, I’ve got to strike while the inspiration is there and do what I hope is some worthwhile and valuable babbling. And, it’s Brian Tracy’s “The Luck Factor” that’s got me going.

In the opening of “The Luck Factor” Brian Tracy discusses that successful people aren’t successful because they are lucky. We aren’t where we are in our lives because of magic. We had to take some sort of action, or in my case (I admit I’m jobless and struggling financially because I didn’t take the action I needed to take to not be struggling.) inaction, to be where we are in our lives. Successful people are successful because they took the actions that are necessary to become successful. They got motivated to take the appropriate action that will lead to the corresponding results.

It’s not MAGIC.

As Brian Tracy explains, Socrates said that for every effect (luck or success or being broke) there is a cause. Successful people (what we might think of as lucky people) have done what is necessary (the cause) to become “lucky” or successful (the effect). They took the actions needed to cause the effect they wanted and have achieved the success they desire.

The goal than for us people who haven’t achieved some of our most important goals and gotten to that point of success where we would like to be is to figure out what “lucky” or successful people did to get where they are and go do the same thing. We need to figure out the causes or actions that lead to luck and success, and go do those actions. For me that means a number of things.

  1. Writing more blog posts
  2. Focusing on my other entrepreneurial “projects”
  3. Most importantly, getting a job so that I have income coming in right away.

What causes or actions do you need to do to achieve your goals?

What aren’t you doing that you should be doing to achieve the success you desire?

What do you need to give up doing in your life to make room for those actions that you need to start doing?

There needs to be a vacuum available to start a new action, and that requires the willingness to let go of, or change, what is not working in your life.

Are you, like someone I know, wasting your time playing too many facebook games? What are the chances of succeeding in life if we are focusing all of our time on making sure the flowers are watered in FarmVille? The chances are probably not very good that we’re going to experience much “LUCK” in our life if we don’t switch gears and start doing the actions that will lead to success in our lives.  Sure that means our FarmVille flowers are going to die. I admit that sucks nuts. However, is keeping our Farms in or virtual, make believe world, going to bring success to our real life? It’s time to bite the bullet and make some changes!

What changes are you going to make right now that will help you achieve your success?

Now go be successful in all areas of your life!!

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