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Learning Out Loud – A Great Resource for Audio Books

Part of our work on continuous improvement in our lives is finding those resources that are going to aid us in that endeavor. As I was looking for more audio programs to listen to on my commute to and from work I came across I was immediately impressed and I now visit Learning Out Loud on an almost daily basis. I’ve got a whole slew of saved programs in my wish list already.

What I really appreciate is that many of their products are offered in the traditional “cd” format, and also in a downloadable mp3 format. When I’ve gone to more well known stores for audio books I typically have a much harder time finding a title I want in the mp3 format. I prefer having my audio books in mp3 because the files are much smaller and I can typically put a whole book on one single cd. If you’ve purchased a “traditional” audio book before that wasn’t in the mp3 format you’ve no doubt discovered that the book comes on a handful of cds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it be less than 5 CDs total. This is aggravating to say the least, but also has other issues.

There are a couple of problems with having an audio book that takes up a handful of cd’s instead of being on one. The first one is if you want to back it up to CD-Rs so that you can put the original away for safe keeping you are going to have to make sure you’ve purchased enough CD-Rs to do the job. Second you will have the additional hassle of trying to swap CDs in and out of your CD player while you are on your commute. We’ve got enough distractions already that pull us away from focusing on the road and driving safely. We don’t need to have this distraction as well. Third, along that same line of thought is that it’s just not as convenient to have a bunch of cds to lug around. Being able to have one CD with your mp3 audio book on it is the perfect solution to these issues. So having a place where you can go that has plenty of titles in the MP3 format is definitely welcomed. is the place to go where you are going to find plenty of titles in mp3 format. As I’ve been searching for audio programs on their site I’ve found that almost always they are offered in a downloadable mp3. Every now and then I’ll find one that is only offered in the traditional cd format, but it’s been so rare to hardly be an issue. is a great site to add to your bookmarks and use to build your Continuous Improvement audio collection.

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