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Magic of Thinking Big – Part 1

Reaching the SummitThe latest audio program I’m listening to in my university on wheels is Dr. David J. Schwartz’s The Magic of Thinking Big. In the first part of this program he covers: The importance of not selling yourself short. Being aware of the words we use. Focusing on what can be, not what is. Practice adding value and Focus on what’s important.

Too often we take ourselves for granted and we have a tendency at times to think we’re not smart enough or resourceful enough. We think that other, more successful people must be smarter than we are. We may even view them as somehow being better than we are. In The Magic of Thinking Big Dr. Schwartz points out that this is far from the truth and the best way to combat these kinds of thoughts is to constantly be building ourselves up. Don’t self-deprecate. Don’t tear yourself down. Focus on building yourself up and don’t sell yourself short. There are plenty of successful people out there with average intelligence, as well as plenty of people who aren’t so successful who are brilliant. Being successful isn’t about being super smart; it’s about using your brain in the right way. Use your brain to find solutions. Always remind yourself that you are better than you think you are. It’s too easy to look at others and think they are somehow more intelligent. Don’t overestimate others intelligence and don’t underestimate your own intelligence. And remember, attitude is much more important than brains.

The key to keeping a positive attitude is to use powerful and positive words. Our thoughts and our attitude are formed by the words we use. Set out to do your best to always tell yourself I can do it when faced with a challenge. Ask the right, empowering questions. Questions like, someone else has been faced with this problem and solved it. How can I solve it? There’s an answer out there if I’m willing to take the time and energy to find it. Always look for the reasons that you can accomplish a task or goal. Find ways to win. Use your brain to find solutions. Only focus on the problem at hand to define it, and then spend all the rest of your time looking for the answer to that problem.

Using words to think big will ensure that our accomplishments are big. Along this same line of thought when you think about something focus on what can be, not what it is. Look at your life as how you want it to be, not how you are living it today. What about your job? Rather than accepting it as it is and going with the status quo how could it be better?

By looking at what can be you will always be on the path to adding value to the things around you.  Look for ways to add value to your life, to your job, to the people around you, and the things you own. For people, ask yourself how can I bring out the best in this person? If you talk down or bash someone, do you think it’s going to bring out the best in them? Even if they don’t hear you, act is they can and always build people up. Look for the best in your coworkers, family, friends, and others around you. Most importantly, practice adding value to yourself.  Questions to ask are how can I make myself more valuable today? And, what can I do to ensure I’ve got even more value in the future?

One of the things that can add value to yourself right now is to adopt the practice to only focus on things that are important to you. Let the trivial things go. There are too many more important things to work towards than worrying about that bonehead who thinks he’s more important than everyone and cuts in front of everyone as he is getting off the freeway. Let it go and keep your thoughts trained instead on your goals and tasks that you want to achieve.

Now Go Be Successful in All Areas of Your Life!!

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