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Monitor Your Goals with the Start/Stop Stopwatch App

Start Stop Stopwatch App

The Start/Stop Stopwatch App – An awesome App you can use to stay on top of the time you spend working on your goals. The app is $0.99, however the first 10 people who let me know they would like to use the app by leaving a comment will receive a promo code to get the app for free.

As we are all well aware, and as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, actually monitoring the time we spend working towards our goals can make a huge impact on the achievement of those goals. Last year when I created a goal to attain a new IT certification every 3 months, I would use a stopwatch app on my mobile phone to monitor the amount of time I spent studying each day. Instead of achieving 4 new certifications in the last year, I ended up with 7 new IT certifications. As a very good friend of mine stated…

I killed it!

One of the reasons why I killed it is because I used a stopwatch app to keep myself on track. There are lots of apps out there, but I want to tell you about the Start/Stop Stopwatch app that is available in the Apple App Store.

Before I go on; Full Disclosure.  Mark Johnson, the developer of this app, is a colleague of mine. However, I’m not an affiliate for his app, I don’t get any kickbacks, or anything like that. I’m writing about it because I think it’s a great app, and if I can share a great app with everyone while helping out a friend I’m all over it.

The beauty of the Start/Stop Stopwatch App is its simplicity and ease of use. The whole screen is used to start and stop the app. It’s incredibly easy to use and has been featured on Vinnie Tortorich’s Podcast; Episode 280. As a side note, if you are working towards any health goals this is a great exercise and fitness podcast to subscribe to. Vinnie and Anna are entertaining and informative.

I use the App for monitoring the time I spend working on my goals. You can read more about the app’s feature on the Start/Stop Stopwatch home page.

The app is $0.99 on the Apple App Store, however for those of you who like what you see in the Start Stop Stopwatch App, Mark has graciously provided promo codes that can be used to get the app for free. I’ll send a promo code to the first 10 people who comment on this post letting me know that they would like to have one.

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