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TED Talk – Try Something New For 30 Days

In my last post I wrote about my new addiction; It’s been such a treat and I’ve enjoyed having it on my drive to and from work. This will be one of many… many… posts on some of my favorite TED talks.

In this TED Talk Matt Cutts shares with us the great idea of trying something new for 30 days.

As Matt says in his talk trying something new for thirty days is a great way to start a new habit or stop one that you don’t want to do anymore. It really is less threatening to think about doing something for only 30 days rather than approaching it as if it’s got to be forever.

Can you imagine how much continuous learning and growth you can have in a year by running with this idea? For the personal and professional coaches this can be an excellent addition to your toolbox to use with your clients.

So what are you going to do new for the next 30 days?


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Jean Key  on May 23rd, 2016

When we change the way we think the way we think will change us.

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