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The Magic of Thinking Big – Confidence

ConfidenceMuch of our decisions to take action and do something to achieve our goals is based on the confidence we feel about whether we’ll even succeed. In our path of continuous improvement and work towards achieving the goals we set for ourselves we’ll want to do everything we can to improve our confidence. Confidence isn’t something any of us is born with, however it is something that can be developed.  The easiest way to build confidence is to get rid of fear.

So how do we conquer fear and in the process improve our confidence?

ACTION – Take Action. Take Massive Action.

When you are faced with a tough challenge or task, don’t sit around thinking about it. If we spend too much time over-analyzing or planning something we take the chance of never getting started. Take Action.

Action is a fear destroyer and a confidence builder. By taking action you will build up your confidence and self-belief. Not only is action a fear destroyer, but it is a success builder. Action is the difference between remaining a dreamer, or being a doer. It’s the doers who eventually see their goals actualized. A great quote from Wayne Gretzky that applies to this principle of taking action is:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

It sure seems obvious, yet how many of us never take action because we don’t have the confidence that we’ll succeed. Yet, not even trying just fulfills our belief that we can’t succeed. We won’t ever succeed if we don’t take the shot.

Successful people take action. Successful people take the shot. And they don’t just stop at one or two failed attempts. They keep taking shots until they succeed. Successful people don’t sit around on their toosh thinking about what they want to do. They get out and do something to make it happen.

It’s important to dream, and to develop ideas and goals. However, an idea is useless until you take action to see it through.

Be an active person, not the one who just sits around thinking about stuff all day. Don’t wait for the time to be perfect. There will never be a perfect time, and don’t spend all of your time trying to figure out everything that could go wrong before you take action. Too many people want to try and plan for any challenge that they may encounter and in the process they never get started on the task at hand. Take action and deal with any challenges that come up as they arise. Most importantly,  if you are having fears about whether you will succeed or not, don’t focus on that fear. Instead get busy and take action. ACTION cures fear!!

Now Go Be Successful in All Areas of Your Life!!

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