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The Magic of Thinking Big – Creativity

CreativityIn the Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz discusses the importance of creative thinking. If we are going to be successful in all areas of our lives we need to increase our creativity and look for ways to do things better. The first key to being creative is to believe something can be done in the first place. If we have a challenge, task, or goal ahead of us we need to assume that it can be done. If we think that it can’t be done, or that it’s impossible we won’t even bother trying and creativity will not even be an issue.  The key to creative thinking is to first BELIEVE.

An idea to use to meet the challenge of believing something can be done is to sit down with a piece of paper and pen, write down what it is you want, and then start listing all of the ways or reasons why you can achieve what it is you want. In other words focus on WHY you can achieve what it is you want rather than focusing on all of the reasons why you can’t achieve things. As Dr. Schwartz likes to say avoid excuse-itis. We want to look for the excuses why something CAN BE DONE, rather than why it can’t. This will unlock our creative thinking and get the brain focused on finding the solutions you need to get the end result you would like to see.

Another key to staying focused on creative thinking is to go out of your way to use forward thinking. Stay away from “traditional thinking”. Traditional thinking will kill our creativity.  Set out to look for ways to improve all areas of your life and do that by thinking differently. Do things different than what you did before. Nurture this by changing how you do the little stuff in your life. Take different routes to work. Mow your lawn a different way. Heck, have a lot of fun with it and try some new stuff in your love life, both in and out of the bed.

Set out to do what you normally do in a way that is better than you usually do it, or do what you normally do better. Also, increase how much of  what you normally do – Increase the quantity. In other words improve the quality of what you do as well as the quantity of what you do. Questions to ask yourself as you go about doing this are:

How can I do better?

How can I do this faster and with better quality?

And to take some advice from Anthony Robbins, you might ask something a little more empowering and ask yourself:

How can I do this faster, with better quality, and have a GREAT time while I’m doing it?

Last thing to keep in mind is that listening is key to getting others to help you with your creativity. Realize that other people have ideas and solutions that can help you achieve your tasks and goals, but the only way to tap into this is to learn to ASK, then shut your mouth and listen. Become that person that monopolizes listening. Ask others what they think can be done about improving something, or in achieving something, and then listen with all of your focus to that person to gain what knowledge or ideas they may have that will help you succeed. Learn to listen more than you talk. Encourage others around you to talk, and make it a point to always be the one who is doing the listening

Now Go Be Successful in All Areas of Your Life!!

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