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Udemy Growth Hacking Lecture with Eric Siu

One of the courses I’m taking on is Bronson Taylor’s free course on Growth Hacking. I just finished Lecture 11: Startup Blog for Growth with Eric Siu. It’s just over 30 minutes long. If you are like me it will probably take you longer to get through as you pause it to take notes or rewind it to hear key information again. There are definitely some nuggets that you’ll come away with from this interview.

Here are my Take Aways from this lecture.

  1. Learning SEO is important, but you don’t have to learn it first.
  2. Blogs are great to build your brand, to let people learn about you, and to build trust. But blogs will not sell your product. This jumped out at me because just last night I was reading something similiar in Joel Comm’s book, “KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays” where he discusses the ways to build your brand if you want to become a coach.
  3. Use Data and Metrics to help you decide what to blog about. Keep in mind that your gut will also play a role in deciding what to write about. It doesn’t hurt to research key words to help you decide what to write about, and what content to include, but also use common sense.
  4. Focus on writing quality blog posts. This builds on 3 above. You can’t just write some low quality post that has some key words in it and hope to be successful. Focus on writing content that is going to add value for your readers. I’ve seen bloggers pop an image of a product they are an affiliate for and add a comment like “This is cool. Go buy it!”. This is not providing anything of substance or quality for your followers.
  5. If you are doing videos, it can be very helpful to have transcripts of the videos. Google can’t index videos, but it can index the transcripts of the videos.
  6. For landing pages you want to keep them simple, keep them focused and keep them uncluttered. I can’t tell you how many landing pages I’ve visited that just seem to go on and on. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I end up on a landing page that goes on and on, my thoughts are always “Come On Already! Get to the Point. How much is it?”. There is a lot to be said for KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), and honoring the time your visitors are using to view your page.
  7. When learning this stuff you want to read as much as you can. Read voraciously. Go immerse yourself in it. I like to say if I’m not dreaming about it in my sleep I’m probably not putting enough time in.

I like to take notes when I’m learning something. In my notes, I’ll often add book titles, blogs, and websites that are mentioned. Here are some resources that were mentioned in this video.

  1. Team Treehouse
  2. BookDon’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, by Steve Krug. You can get the book on:
    Amazon –  Don’t Make Me Think or on Safari Books.
  3. Sean Ellis’ Blog on Startup Marketing –

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